Here’s where to find Clorox wipes in stock online right now

Ever since the world began taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously, store shelves have become routinely empty of certain essential items that one might need while they’re staying at home for weeks at a time. If you’ve been trying to get your hands on disinfecting wipes without searching every local store within a 20-mile radius, you’ve come to the right place.

Where to find Clorox wipes in stock

The Best

The Rest

Even finding Clorox or Lysol wipes in stock online can be pretty difficult, though the key is to keep trying. Online stores restock quickly and throughout the day so it’s always worth checking back soon if you don’t find any available.

How to find disinfecting wipes in stock

Amazon is pretty well-known for having just about anything whenever you want it, but that hasn’t exactly been the case during the past couple of months. Lately finding clorox wipes in stock seemed like a miracle, and that applies to other online retailers as well. With so many places to search, finding stock is inevitable, but it can take some time and effort too.

We’ve searched sites like Walmart, Home Depot, Staples, Lowe’s and more, but some are stocking this item a bit quicker than others. Many times your best bet is to consider local in-store items that you can purchase online. Buying online for curbside pickup or even with grocery delivery services like Instacart could mean the difference between getting your order today and receiving it a few weeks from now.

Best stores to shop for Clorox wipes

Disinfecting wipes at Target

Target restocks quickly, has name-brand and store-brand options, and even lets you shop for curbside pickup at a local store near you. Use a Target RedCard for 5% off the purchase.

Shop at Target

Clorox wipes at Instacart

Instacart lets you search local stores in your area for disinfecting wipes, from Publix and Aldi to Costco, Target, and more. Delivery or pick-up is an option here, and usually you’ll get the best results by choosing store pick-up.

Shop at Instacart

Lysol wipes at Staples

Surprisingly, disinfecting wipes pop up in stock at Staples more than many other online retailers. This store not only stocks up often but also offers a lot of different options to keep your eye on.

Shop at Staples

Where to find affordable disinfecting wipes

There have been numerous tales of sellers price-gounging others on essential items like clorox wipes and toilet paper during the past few weeks, and that’s something you’ll want to watch out for online as well. Plenty of stores allow third-party sellers to offer items on their sites, so you might find single packs of disinfecting wipes for as much as $20 each on sites like Newegg or Sears. These packs don’t include many wipes either, so it’s something to certainly keep an eye out for when ordering.

Amazon’s Fresh grocery service offers some of the best prices, but it’s also dealing with some of the highest traffic currently of all the stores, meaning it will be even harder to find Clorox wipes available there. With that in mind, Instacart becomes the next best option. You’ll see items available at stores in your area and at similar prices as you’d see in-store. Instacart lets you shop at various retailers including Target, Publix, Aldis, Costco, CVS, Kroeger, PetSmart, and more for grocery delivery or store pickup.

Target is a great option too, especially if you have a Target RedCard. The store is one of the quickest to restock these items and gives you the ability to have your order shipped to your home or picked up at the store. With a Target RedCard, you’ll save 5% off your order and score free 2-day shipping on eligible items as well. There’s a debit card option that’s completely free and doesn’t have any fees attached, unlike the credit card version.

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