Bitcoin Association President Served Subpoena Over Twitter

The quest for the Bitcoin Association President continues as the law firm representing David Kleiman estate reaches out to Jimmy Nguyen on Twitter.


On Sunday, attorney Vel Freedman replied to one of Nguyen’s tweets, noting that his firm had repeatedly been unable to serve him with a subpoena related to the case against Craig Wright by Ira Kleiman.

The subpoena, which dates to February 11, calls on Nguyen to produce all communications with Wright as well as with several of Wright’s known associates and businesses. Specifically it states Nguyen must produce:

All communications with Craig Wright concerning any of: David Kleiman, W&K Info Defense Research, LLC, Ira Kleiman, Satoshi Nakamoto, any Tulip Trust, Denis Mayaka, a bonded courier, Abacus Offshore, Equator Consultants, The Australian Tax Office, Stefan Matthews, Robert MacGregor, Calvin Ayre, Uyen Nguyen, or Craig Wright Companies.

Nguyen has made numerous posts over the past few weeks indicating that he has been actively promoting Bitcoin SV and attending cryptocurrency-related events, yet is nowhere to be found when compelled by the courts to cooperate in legal proceedings.

One possible twist on the ongoing saga may be Ngyuen’s reluctance to discuss his involvement with Scottish novelist Andrew O’Hagan. O’Hagan asserts that Ngyuen approached him about writing a book about Satoshi Nakamoto. In his book The Secret Life: Three Stories of the Digital Age O’Hagan Writes:

A few weeks before the raid on Craig Wright’s House, when his name still hadn’t been associated with Satoshi Nakamoto, I got an email from a Los Angeles lawyer called Jimmy Nguyen . . . Nguyen told me that they were looking to contract me to write the life of Satoshi Nakamoto.

O’Hagan has previously discussed his dealings with Wright, noting the extreme discomfort the so-called creator of Bitcoin had in providing details about his role in developing the platform. The writer has now been asked to testify in the trial.


The estate of David Klieman is suing Wright for what they claim is their share of 1.1 million Bitcoin’s they claim the two men jointly mined during the early days of the cryptocurrency’s development. Wright has dodged every attempt at resolving the issue. For example, last year he produced documents that were later found to be forged. He recently has attempted to withhold information under the guise of attorney client privilege.

Nguyen could provide important information that could help resolve the case. However, it appears that like Wright, the Los Angeles attorney would rather play games with the court than cooperate.

Do you think Jimmy Nguyen will ever be reached by Kleiman’s lawyers? Add your thoughts below!

Images via Shutterstock, Twitter @VelVelFreedman

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Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV, Craig Wright, Crypto, jimmy nguyen, News, News teaser

Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV, Craig Wright, Crypto, jimmy nguyen, News, News teaser

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