Microsoft releases PowerToys 0.20 with Color Picker tool

Microsoft released a new version of its revived PowerToys collection of tools on July 31, 2020. The release brings the version to 0.20 and introduces a new Color Picker tool as well as improvements for other tools of the collection.

Interested users may download the latest version from the project’s GitHub website; users who have enabled automatic updates in the program’s settings will receive the update automatically.

The big new feature of PowerToys 0.20 is the new Color Picker tool. Microsoft mapped the shortcut Windows-Shift-C to the tool so that you may run it anywhere as long as PowerToys is running in the background.

color picker

Color information is displayed next to the mouse cursor once you invoke the program with the help of the shortcut.

A left-click copies the hex code of the color that is displayed by the tool to the Clipboard. You may change what is copied in the settings; the only other option at the time of writing is RGB values.

color picker settings

PowerToys 0.20 improves several of the integrated tools, namely the keyboard manager tool, the launcher, and FanzyZones.

The functionality of the keyboard manager has improved in two meaningful ways. The first improvement introduces app level shortcuts which allows you to remap shortcuts of an app.

Example: For Outlook, Remap Ctrl+F to F4 and now Ctrl+F will put up the find window 🙂

Additionally, it is now possible to remap keys to shortcuts and shortcuts to a key.

FanzyZones, a tool to create layouts for windows on the desktop, allows users to snap to any number of zones using the shortcut Shift-Ctrl.

The launcher PT Run received several improvements in the new version. It detects applications that were freshly installed now so that they may be run using the launcher. Users may also notice performance improvements and that keyboard interaction with the interface improved.

Closing Words

PowerToys is a handy collection of tools that include handy Explorer features such as the rename or resize tools, and standalone tools such as FanzyZones, the lancher, or the new Color Picker.

Now You: Have you tried the new PowerToys on your systems?

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Gadget, Software, Technology, Windows

Gadget, Software, Technology, Windows

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